High School North Club Fair

And the Midknight Inventors welcome even more students! A week after the High School South Club Fair, High School North had its club fair today (September 26th) and about 50 more interested students joined to become part of our team. Our robot was present along with our medals and t-shirt designs from World Champions and Midknight Mayhem. Thank you to all members who helped our booth run smoothly.

If you are an interested Robotics student in HSN or HSS and were unable to sign up during the club fairs, email info@firstrobotics1923.org to join our mailing list. Our first meeting with the entire team will be on Monday 9/30. Stay in tune for time and location of this meeting!

High School South Club Fair

The Midknight Inventors welcome new students for the 2013- 2014 season! High School South had its club fair on the 11th and about 50 students have signed up to become part of our team. High School North will have its club fair on September 26th, and we will have a booth where interested students can sign up. Each year, our team is getting bigger and better thanks to outreach efforts, and this year seems like no exception! Even if you have no experience with science, engineering, and technology, we invite you to learn more about us and join our team! We hope to have another fun, exciting, and successful season! Go Midknight Inventors!