Mount Olive District Competition

Way to go Tactical Snail! Congratulation to team 1923 for a great showing at the Mount Olive District Competition! Team 1923 was the captain of the #2 seeded alliance and reached the semifinals with team 11- Mort, and team 219- Impact. 1923  also went on to win the prestigious Creativity Award by Xerox which celebrates “creativity in design, use of component, or strategy of play.” Make sure to check us out at our next competition March 22nd and 23rd at Lenape- more information to come!

Build Season Comes to an End

And the 2013-2014 Aerial Assist official 6 week build season comes to an end. Check back on the website on the 23rd to see a picture of our final robot! Thank you to all the students, parents, mentors, sponsors, and the community for making the build season a success! We will be competing in our first competition with March 1st and 2nd and Mount Olive High School. The build season may be over, but team 1923 will be busy making robot b!



KickOff: Aerial Assist!

And the game for the season is… Aerial Assist! The game involves alliance shooting a 2 ft diameter ball into goals. Alliances score more points if robots make assists, and then shoot. For more information about the game, visit ABOUT FIRST -2014 GAME. Last Saturday, the Midknight Inventors discussed game strategies, and possible manipulators, and are prototyping this week. Also, check us out at our build site as we design, build, and program out robot in six weeks- click on the tab CONTACT US to see our location.



Brunswick Eruption Champions

Brunswick Eruption Winners 2013 After being finalists at Ramp Riot last week, the MidKnight Inventors claimed the title of champions yesterday, November 9th, at Brunswick Eruption! Congratulation to teams 369 and 379 who were our alliance partners. Great job to all the drive team, coaches, scouters, cheer squad and mentors! The trophy will start out at High School North and then will move to South.

Click here ->  Robotics Win WWP Info Nov 22 2013 to see the story in the West Windsor & Plainsboro News!

Ramp Riot Finalists

Congratulations to the Midknight Inventors! Last Saturday, November 2nd, team 1923 was a finalist in Ramp Riot- the first offseason competition for the new season! We finished as finalists with out alliance partners team 2016, the Mighty Monkey Wrenches, team 369, High Voltage, and team 3314, the Mechanical Mustangs. New students on the team got to partake in their very first FRC competition, and some even got to drive the robot. We all look forward to Ramp Riot next year!

Boy Scout Merit Badge

This past Saturday, October 26th, the Midknight Inventors helped local boy scouts to earn their Robotics Badge. The Boy Scout Merit Badge Fair, held in the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, had a series of workshops for scouts to earn badges in the STEM field- including a Robotics Badge. The Midknight Inventors presented a series of short presentations about safety in robotics, the robotics industry, the different types of robots, subsystems, etc. that would fulfill the requirements for the badge. The team also presented last year’s robot, and to say the least, all the scouts were quite impressed! Team 1923 then helped the scouts to build and program a Lego Mindstorm robot that would successfully traverse through a maze. At the end of the day, the scouts were able to earn another badge, and Team 1923 successfully helped out on another community outreach event! A big thank you to PPPL for sponsoring the event and all Team 1923 leaders that helped out!

Parent- Student Meeting

The team had its first student- parent meeting today (October 7th 2013). A  big thanks to all the parents who showed up- parent support is pivotal to the success of this team! If you were not present at the meeting or want a refresher, go to FOR MEMBERS–> MEETING MINUTES to see the power point we presented. Also there are several forms that must be filled, go to FOR MEMBERS–> REMINDERS to see what they are. Over the next several meeting, we will be teaching important concepts, so keep checking the website to see the latest meetings and times.