Town Center Elementary Outreach

The Midknight Inventors recently went to Town Center Elementary School to present Tactical Snail, our 2013- 2014 robot. During this outreach opportunity, the Inventors talked about the team, FIRST, and most importantly about the robot. Tactical Snail shot balls at the elementary students and even raced against them! The Midknight Inventors and the Town Center Students had a great evening full of fun and robotics!

Girls Scout PPPL

Saturday was a busy day for the Midknight Inventors! While Monty Madness was on (post below), few students from the team went to the Princeton Physics Plasma Lab to present our robot to Girls Scouts. The event was a great outreach opportunity to introduce young girls to STEM and FIRST Robotics!

Monty Madness

Team 1923 competed at the 9th annual Monty Madness in Montgomery High School hosted by 1403 Cougar Robotics. The team captured the Gracious Professionalism Award along the way! After alliance selections, the team was seeded eight with alliance partners 1403, 2016, and 224. The team went on to beat the first seed alliance and finish the day off as semi- finalists!

Founder’s Day

And Founder’s Day was another great success! The Midknight Inventors this past weekend marched in the Founder’s Day parade, sold concessions, and promoted STEM in the community. The team was able to fundraise more this year than years past! Thank you to all students, parents, and mentors for making this event a success!

So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

The Midknight Inventors bid a farewell to their build site this past weekend as they moved out of the Plainsboro Plaza build site and into their Millstone trailer. Thank you to our sponsor Onyx for graciously donating the site for our use! Also, a big thanks to all the students, parents, and mentors that helped the move go smoothly . As we moved out of the build site, we found out 2009 and 2011 robots too!


Mid-Atlantic Region Championship

The MidKnight Inventors ended its official FRC Season as Mid- Atlantic Region Championship Quarterfinalists.

Thank you to our alliance partners team 1640 Sab- BOT- age and team 869 PowerCord! Congratulations to team 1923 member Michael Foley as he advances as a Dean’s List Finalist to the World Championship in St. Louis!

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Lenape District Competition

Congratulation to team 1923 for a great performance at the Lenape District Competition! Team 1923 was the on the third seeded alliance and reached the quarterfinals with team 1647- the Iron Devils, and team 25- Raider Robotix. Them team has qualified to compete at the MAR District Championships at Lehigh from April 10- 12- make sure to check us out and our next competition!

Mount Olive District Competition

Way to go Tactical Snail! Congratulation to team 1923 for a great showing at the Mount Olive District Competition! Team 1923 was the captain of the #2 seeded alliance and reached the semifinals with team 11- Mort, and team 219- Impact. 1923  also went on to win the prestigious Creativity Award by Xerox which celebrates “creativity in design, use of component, or strategy of play.” Make sure to check us out at our next competition March 22nd and 23rd at Lenape- more information to come!