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Minion Mayhem

Last Saturday, November 19th, the MidKnight Inventors hosted the New Jersey FLL state qualifier, Minion Mayhem. Over 26 teams came to WW-P High School South to compete in this year’s FLL game. The teams showed superb ingenuity and research prowess through this Animal Allies themed game. Not only did the students participating have fun, but also the spectators who wanted to be a part of FIRST.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped put the event together, and a huge thank you goes to the judges and other volunteers from the community. The MidKnight Inventors were truly impressed by the level of competition and gracious professionalism displayed by all of the teams. We would also like to congratulate the five teams who qualified for states, and we wish them luck at their next competition.

NRG Robotics Football Showcase

Team 1923, The MidKnight Inventors, is excited to announce that we been chosen to participate in the FIRST Robotics Football Showcase presented by NRG. The event’s competitors include our own team,  along with One T.U.F.F. Team (Team 203 – Sicklerville, NJ), TechFire (Team 225 – York, PA) and the Firebirds (Team 433 – Flourtown, PA). It is an honor for our team to have been selected from more than 100 teams from NJ and PA to participate in this football skills competition. Each team has approximately 4 weeks to fabricate a robot to complete football challenges including an Accuracy throwing Challenge,a Long-Distance Throw, a Kickoff Challenge and an Agility Course. The competition will take place on December 6, 2016 in the Philadelphia Eagles’ Novacare Complex in Philadelphia, PA. We are beyond ecstatic for the opportunity and can’t wait to showcase our robot to the Philadelphia Eagles!

MidKnight Mayhem IV

On Saturday, June 25th, The MidKnight Inventors hosted our fourth annual off-season event, MidKnight Mayhem, at West-Windsor Plainsboro High School North. This year, 37 teams competed in a modified version of the FRC 2016 game, Stronghold, and the MidKnight Inventors event reached over one thousand people from in and outside our community. It was a huge success for the team and the best year yet for our off-season event. A big thanks to all the families who donated their time and all our local sponsors for their donations. This event would not have been possible without them.

Congratulations to the winning alliance: 225 TechFire, 1640 Sab-BOT-age, 2607 The Fighting RoboVikings, 4954 Palindrome Robotics and thank you to everyone who attended. MidKnight Mayhem IV was a big success, and The MidKnight Inventors hope to see you all back for an even better MidKnight Mayhem V!

2016 World Championship Recap!

On April 27th, FRC 1923, The MidKnight Inventors, traveled to St. Louis to compete at the World Championship, for the 5th time in our 11 year history! Our team competed on the Archimedes Division along with other top tier robots from around the world. We entered the Playoffs with the 6th seeded alliance: 1318 Issaquah Robotics Society from Issaquah, Washington, 1310 Runnymede Robotics from Toronto, Canada, and 4103 The Roborioles from Avon, Indiana. We left the Championship as Division Quarterfinalists.

St. Louis was our final major competition of the 2016 season, and it was an amazing experience. Our achievements this year as a team were truly remarkable, from winning the Entrepreneurship Award at Montgomery to securing the Chairman’s Award at both district and regional levels to being part of the quarterfinals at Championships. We hope that 2017 will be an even stronger and more successful season, but until then, we will continue to work hard for our upcoming off-season events.

Montgomery District Recap: Entrepreneurship Award!

On April 9 & 10, The MidKnight Inventors competed at their second district, hosted at Montgomery High School. After hard-fought matches, we ended the weekend as Quarterfinalists. Many thanks to our partners, Team 1989: Viking Robotics from Vernon Township, NJ and Team 102: The Gearheads from Somerville, NJ.

We were also announced as the winners of the Entrepreneurship Award, which “celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of a team which, since its inception, has developed the framework for a comprehensive business plan in order to scope, manage, and attain team objectives and also displays entrepreneurial enthusiasm and the vital business skills for a self-sustaining program. The Entrepreneurship Award honors a team that is unique, enthusiastic and well organized, and one whose well-honed business skills will keep them operating successfully for years to come.”

Team 1923 poses with our Entrepreneurship Award at the Montgomery District!

Big congratulations go out to our business team; this is the first time The MidKnight Inventors have come home with this award!

Our next competition is the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Region Championship, hosted April 14-16 at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

St. Louis Championship: Curie Division Champions!

What a weekend! The 10th season for The MidKnight Inventors comes to a close with an amazing performance at the Championship.

We were sorted into the Curie division, alongside top-tier teams whose programs we’ve looked up to for a long time. To be able to observe & learn from them would have been enough, but to be selected to play with them was an honor, and we are ecstatic to be the 2015 Curie Division Champions. Thank you for believing in us. Following some fierce competition on the Einstein field, our alliance ended in 3rd place in the world. 

To the #1 seed – our captain, Robotics Team 148 – Robowranglers. Thank you. Catwoman (the can burglars that they ‘cheesecaked’ us with) was absolutely fantastic, and working side-by-side with your team to get them installed was eye-opening for us. Your students and mentors alike were so welcoming to us, and it was great to get to know your team up close!

The same goes to Team 1114: Simbotics. Seeing how two of the best teams in the world operate, on a one-to-one level, was nothing short of fantastic. We have already learned so many lessons through the Simbot Seminar series, but this experience gave us so much to draw from as we move into the future with our team.

Finally, the absolute rockstars of The Zebracorns – FRC Team 900. They were so driven to be a part of this journey that they practiced the most extreme cheesecaking – an entire robot rebuild to accomodate the harpoons! Watching you guys make that happen was so cool.

This has been a spectacular season for us. Every event we’ve gone to, we’ve been able to come home with hardware. A Judges’ Award, Engineering Inspiration, Chairman’s, a Woodie Flowers Finalist Award, and a Dean’s List Finalist – and now, the Curie Division Champions, and Einstein Semi-Finalists. All that we have achieved is due to the fantastic students, mentors, and MidKnight family we have cultivated, and we’re overjoyed to see this program grow each season.

We’re very proud of how far we’ve come in 10 years, and can’t wait to see what the next 10 could bring.

Mid-Atlantic Region Championship Recap: Dean’s List Finalist!


The MidKnight Inventors competed in the Mid-Atlantic Region Championship, held at Lehigh University, April 8-11.

Our robot and the drive team performed admirably; finishing at the 18th rank out of 54 teams in the Qualifiers and being the first pick of the 7th place alliance – working with our friends, Team 11: MORT and Team 2729: Storm! We finished the weekend as Quarterfinalists. The next time we see the robot will be at the Championship – Safe trip, MKI: X!

The Dean’s List Finalists for our region were also announced.  Congratulations to Rohan Chatterjee, whose next stop is St. Louis! He will participate in the ceremony with other finalists from around the world.  At Championship, the 10 winners will be announced, and we hope to hear Rohan’s name called again! If you would like to read our nomination for Rohan, you may do so here.


North Brunswick District Recap: Chairman’s Award!

The MidKnight Inventors had an impressive weekend at North Brunswick’s District Competition!

After some new robot modifications this week, MKI: X ended the qualification matches ranked at 15th and were drafted to the 5th alliance, captained by our friends at Powercord 869! (Fun fact: Powercord is also a United Therapeutics sponsored team!) Our second selection was the rookie team from STEMcivics Charter School, 5666 – Purple Lightning! They are familiar faces to us, since they spent quite a few weekends with us during the build season. The Power-MidKnight-Lightning Alliance had a fantastic set of matches, finishing as Semifinalists!

Our day, however, was not yet at an end. The MidKnight Inventors were recognized yet again for their outreach & education programs – this time with the Chairman’s Award! The Chairman’s Award is the most prestigious honor bestowed at FIRST events, and we are now eligible to compete at the Mid-Atlantic Region Championship, April 10-12 at Lehigh University.

We are so proud of all the efforts our students have put in – with over 6,000 hours in this season alone dedicated to FIRST team support, local & global outreach, and the constant push for community & school STEM support, MidKnight Inventors have certainly worked hard to earn this award.

If you would like to read our submission, you may do so here.

Tech Valley Recap: On Our Way to Championship!

Robot Performance & Engineering Inspiration Award

The MidKnight Inventors competed in the Tech Valley Regional, held at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, March 19-21. Team 1923 won the prestigious Engineering Inspiration Award, which is the second-highest honor bestowed at FIRST competitions. The Engineering Inspiration Award is given to a team that best advances an appreciation for engineering within the community. This award qualifies the team to advance to the FIRST World Championships in St. Louis, April 22-26. The team’s robot, MKI:X, also had an impressive performance and was drafted into the 7th seeded alliance, where it finished the competition as a Semifinalist!

MKI:X stacks totes at the Tech Valley Regional!


Woodie Flowers Finalist Award: Libby Kamen

Team 1923: The MidKnight Inventors are incredibly proud that our founder & mentor, Libby Kamen, won the 2015 Tech Valley Regional Woodie Flowers Finalist Award! The 10 years of incredible growth in our program could not be possible without her, and we are glad to have the chance to honor her. Thank you, Libby, for all that you do! If you’d like to read our nomination essay for Libby, you may do so here.

Libby Kamen, 2015 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winner at the Tech Valley Regional.
Libby Kamen, 2015 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winner at the Tech Valley Regional.

Mt. Olive District Competition Recap: Judges Award!

Team 1923 competed at our first District competition for the 2014-15 Recycle Rush season this past weekend! The competition was hosted at Mt. Olive High School. We advanced to the Quarterfinals and even took home the Judges’ award for “Quick-Thinking Innovation”. The Judges Award is given to a team that merits recognition for unique efforts and performance.

As we continue to compete in the upcoming weeks, make sure to stay updated through Facebook and Twitter; links to both can be found in the sidebar.

Thank you to all the mentors and parents that have made all this possible so far!