Robot Reveal!

Say hello to the newest addition to the MidKnight Family: Black Out
Not only does our robot look cooler than it ever has before, it is the most refined machine we have ever created, and we predict a great season to come.

See it in action with our reveal video!

For information on the abilities of our robot in the game this year, check out our Robot Fact Sheet.


MidKnight Mayhem V – June 17, 2017

MidKnight Mayhem V was our most successful Mayhem yet, hosting teams from over 5 different states – both within and outside of the Mid-Atlantic Region. MKM V was an engaging, multifaceted event for students of all ages, featuring an off-season scrimmage for 34 FRC teams and a smaller scrimmage for New Jersey FTC teams, along with several other activities such as a photo booth, a team scavenger hunt, and even a station full of Legos for kids to build with. FTC played a unique spin on Velocity Vortex to help teach rookie teams how robots operate.
FRC played FIRST Steamworks with a Mayhem rule thrown into the mix, pilots were given 15 fuel particles to shoot into the boiler for high efficiency themselves. After nearly 7 hours of competing, the Pascack Pi-oneers (1676), the Megaladons (333), and TechFire (225) were crowned the MKM V champions. Thank you for all the teams that came out to compete, we hope you had a great time just like we did, and we hope to see you all again next year at MKM VI!
All competition pictures and photo booth pictures will soon be up on the MKM website and Twitter page!


MidKnight RoboExpo – May 25, 2017

We hope you’ll join us at MidKnight RoboExpo, our annual showcase of FIRST teams for all ages & grade levels.

Teams from the MidKnight family will be present & demonstrating their robots to the public. If you (or a student you know) are interested in getting involved with FIRST, this is the perfect place to sign up for a team!

More information on RoboExpo 2017.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship Recap!

On April 5th – 8th, The MidKnight Inventors competed at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship at Lehigh University. Team 1923 qualified for the district championship after winning both the Montgomery and Mount Olive district events. After a rigorous 120 qualification matches, the Inventors ranked 8th and were thrilled to be alliance captains. During alliance selection, we invited Team 25 Raider Robotics and Team 75 RoboRaiders to join us and form the eighth seeded alliance. We were very fortunate to form an alliance with these two teams, who led us to victory at the Montgomery District Event the weekend prior.

Unfortunately, Team 1923 was knocked out after our second quarterfinal match by the first seeded alliance. We would like to thank our amazing alliance partners, Teams 25 and 75, who helped us put up some great playoff matches. The MidKnight Inventors would also like to congratulate Teams 2590, 1807, and 3929 who left the regional competition as champions.

Despite missing the win at the Regional Championship, The MidKnight Inventors did not walk away empty handed. Because we were able to accrue enough district points, we qualified for the World Championship in St. Louis!  Team 1923 is ecstatic to participate in the highest level of competition in FRC, and we can’t wait to take part in more FIRST Steamworks at the end of April.

Our driver, operator, pilot and human player eagerly wait in queue for the next qualification match.

Montgomery District Event Recap!

On April 1st and 2nd, The MidKnight Inventors competed at the Montgomery District Event hosted by Team 1403, Cougar Robotics. The first day of competition included 54 qualification matches and finished with an additional 22 on Sunday, after which we ranked 34th in the event. During alliance selection on Sunday, The MidKnight Inventors were welcomed by Team 75 RoboRaiders, the alliance captain, and Team 25 Raider Robotix, to join the eighth seeded alliance.

Despite the rough start in the qualifying matches, The MidKnight Inventors came out as Montgomery District Champions along with our alliance partners,  and received the Entrepreneurship Award. In addition, we would like to congratulate our 2017 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Nominee, Dr. Ruth Kamen; we are beyond proud of everything she has brought to this team since its founding. Finally,  a huge thank you and congratulations goes out to our alliance partners, Team 75 and Team 25 – we can hardly wait to compete with you next week at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship at Lehigh University!

Team 1923’s drive team poses with alliance partners 25 and 75

Hudson Valley Regional Recap!

After an exciting win at Mount Olive, The MidKnight Inventors traveled to the Hudson Valley Regional, March 24th – 26th in Suffern, New York. After 80 demanding qualification matches on the first day of competition, Team 1923 ranked as the 7th seed out of 48 teams. As alliance captains, we were thrilled to invite Team 2875 The Cyber Hawks and Team 6300 Northwood School Robotics to join us as part of the sixth seeded alliance.

During playoffs, The MidKnight Inventors started off strong by winning our first match, but unfortunately ended the day after a tie breaker quarterfinals match. We would like to thank our alliance partners for their amazing performance on the field, and congratulate the 8th seeded alliance – Team 2601, Team 369, and Team 639 – for coming out on top as Hudson Valley Regional Champions. Up next is the Montgomery District Event this Saturday; we are extremely excited to compete at our second district event of the season and hopefully qualify for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship on April 5th!

Mt. Olive District Event 2017 Recap!

On Saturday March 11th, The MidKnight Inventors traveled to Flanders, New Jersey to start off our 2017 FIRST Steamworks season and compete in the Mt. Olive District Event hosted by Team 11, MORT & Team 193, MORT Beta.

The competition started off with qualification matches on Saturday, where we ranked 23rd leading up to alliance selection and play offs on Sunday. The MidKnight Inventors were invited by Team 25 Raider Robotix, the alliance captain, and 303 The TEST Team to join the the 2nd seeded alliance.

By the end of the event, The MidKnight Inventors finished as Mount Olive District Event Champions, along with our alliance partners, and took home the Excellence in Engineering Award – a celebration of all the developments we have been able to make as a team with our new engineering lab. We are elated to start off the 2017 season strong and are even more excited to compete at the Hudson Valley Regional, as well as our next district event at Montgomery in the coming weeks!

FTC State Championship

On Sunday February 26th, The MidKnight Inventors hosted The Garden State Rumble; New Jersey’s FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship. 48 teams came out to compete in this year’s game: Velocity Vortex. The teams competed in the championship at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, home of The MidKnight Inventors (and our FTC teams, The MidKnight Magic & MidKnight Magic Too!). The MidKnight Inventors were very impressed with the level of competition that they witnessed and look forward to continuing to host FTC events. We would like to congratulate The MidKnight Magic Too! for captaining the winning alliance and Shalin Mehta of The MidKnight Magic for winning Dean’s List as one of 3 NJ Finalists.

Additionally, Team 1923 demoed their 2017 FRC Steamworks robot to FTC students from competing teams, parents, and other attendees that expressed interest. All in all, Team 1923 is proud to be the first high school to host a FIRST Tech Challenge state championship and would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped make the event the success that it was.

Engineering Lab Ribbon Cutting

On Tuesday, January 10th, members of the WW-P School Board, Principals from both high schools, and Dr. Aderhold, our district superintendent, joined The MidKnight Inventors at the ribbon-cutting for Team 1923’s new work space.
Our brand-new Engineering Lab was funded by the district and has a substantial amount of space, compared to previous years at the Millstone River trailers. The space includes 5 separate work tables, power tools, and new machinery equipped to help us through build season. In addition, The MidKnight Inventors have fundraised to purchase a new CNC router as well as a lathe in order to expand our manufacturing capabilities and give more students hands-on experiences in STEM education. This was a great way to start off the 2017 build season, and we are ecstatic to get to work in our team’s permanent new home!

Minion Mayhem

Last Saturday, November 19th, the MidKnight Inventors hosted the New Jersey FLL state qualifier, Minion Mayhem. Over 26 teams came to WW-P High School South to compete in this year’s FLL game. The teams showed superb ingenuity and research prowess through this Animal Allies themed game. Not only did the students participating have fun, but also the spectators who wanted to be a part of FIRST.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped put the event together, and a huge thank you goes to the judges and other volunteers from the community. The MidKnight Inventors were truly impressed by the level of competition and gracious professionalism displayed by all of the teams. We would also like to congratulate the five teams who qualified for states, and we wish them luck at their next competition.