Help us Engineer Success!

  Donations of any kind to FIRST Robotics Team 1923 will help ensure our students have access to the unique learning experiences that FIRST has to offer. The funds are used for robot building supplies, registration fees for FIRST competitions, travel to competitions, and support for our community outreach & education events.

The 2014-2015 MidKnight Inventors
The 2014-2015 MidKnight Inventors

Sponsor Benefits

 The MidKnight Inventors have established multiple sponsorship levels that help to support our team in local, regional and world competitions and named them after scientists we most admire.

How to Make a Tax- Exempt Donation

There are several easy ways that you can make a donation to the team.

Please contact us before making a donation to our team so that we can keep track of our sponsors and properly thank you!

You can now support The MidKnight Inventors by donating directly and securely through PayPal! Click the button below to support our team & its efforts.
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Other donation options are as follows:

1.) Donate Directly to Team 1923 by Check:

    • Write a check payable to “WW-P HSN Robotics”.
    •  Mail to West Windsor-Plainsboro-HS North, Attention FIRST Robotics & Kathryn Rogers, 90 Grovers Mill Rd Plainsboro NJ 08536.
    • Donations to public schools are tax-exempt under IRS Tax Code Section 170. 

2.) If you would like to donate through a 501(c)(3) charitable organization please contact us via email at

3.) Alternative Donations:  You can also provide Team 1923 with valuable non-monetary donations. For example, if you have shop furniture or tools you are no longer using, we will gladly accept them!  Providing supervised time in your company’s machine shop during the robot build is also a great donation.  During the January/February build, the MidKnight Inventors work hard in the evenings of school days and all weekend long so donations of food and drinks are also greatly appreciated! Contact us at or call 775 FRC-TEAM (372-8326) and we will make the arrangements!