MidKnightU are our Monday night training sessions during the Fall Semester,  to educate our new & returning students. MidKnight U covers the different subteams and committees, the expectations as a MidKnight Inventor, and our best practices for how our team runs. This is meant as a ‘primer’ on joining an FRC team, and not as a complete guide

We also post them online so that other teams can make use of our teaching opportunities. Feel free to download and review any of our team materials. You can email us anytime for more information!

MidKnightU 2017-18:

MidKnightU & Team Resources 2016-17:

FTC Tool Certification

Below are the CAD drawings that were used for the 2016-17 FTC Tool Certification. Students worked with these drawings as a guide   for the construction process,  along with their FRC student mentors.


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