Team 1923 has won many award and recognitions over the years. The team hopes to soar to new heights in the future!

Team 1923 The MidKnight Inventors: Awards and Achievements
2009 Winner: New Jersey Regional
2009 Judges’ Award: Philadelphia Regional
2009 Galileo Division Quarterfinalist: FIRST Championship
2010 Engineering Inspiration Award: Boston Regional
2011 Winner: Connecticut Regional
2011 Gracious Professionalism Award: Connecticut Regional
2011 Coopertition Award: Connecticut Regional
2011 Participant: FIRST Championship
2012 Engineering Inspiration Award: Hatboro-Horsham District
2012 Team Spirit Award: Mt. Olive District
2013 Participant: FIRST Championship
2014 Creativity Award: Mt. Olive District
2014 World Championship Dean’s List Winner: Michael Foley ‘14
2015 Judges Award: Mt. Olive District
2015 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award: Libby Kamen
2015 Engineering Inspiration Award: Tech Valley Regional
2015 Chairman’s Award: North Brunswick District
2015 Deans List Finalist: Rohan Chatterjee ’16
2015 Curie Division Winners: FIRST Championship
2016 Chairman’s Award: Mt. Olive District
2016 Entrepreneurship Award: Montgomery District
2016 Chairman’s Award: Mid-Atlantic Region Championship
2016 Archimedes Division Quarterfinalists: FIRST Championship