What’s FRC?


Team 1923: The MidKnight Inventors is a proud FIRST Robotics Competition team! FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) provides a model of real life engineering experiences to the high school level. The FIRST Robotics Competition teaches students important collaboration, leadership, commitment, responsibility, organization, and teamwork skills that will last a lifetime, even outside of FIRST. FRC teams consist of eager high school students, mentors, and volunteers who tirelessly dedicate their time and knowledge to help students explore the realm of STEM.

Each season, students build a robot that meets the demands of a competition game challenge that changes every year. However, an FRC team must do much more that construct a robot- they have to raise funds and collect sponsors, promote their team, and advocate STEM in their communities.

Team 1923’s season runs year-round, beginning in September where we start to enlist new students. During this time, students fundraise and try to find sponsors that will fund the robot. Students also actively promote STEM in their communities in a series of community outreach events.  From September to January, students are taught important skills before the kickoff through out “MidKnight U” seminar series, in preparation for the build season. Our student leaders and captains design workshops and teach new students what it’s like to be a MidKnight Inventor.

During the kickoff in January, FIRST broadcasts the game challenge for the season. The game challenge usually involves two alliances, consisting of three robots from different teams, competing in a sports- like event.

After the kickoff, teams then have six weeks to design, build, and program robots to meet particular specifications of the game. We work day and night for six weeks to complete our competition robot, as well as its ‘twin’ practice robot so we can continue to iterate on our systems. After the build season is over, teams must stop all work on their robots.

During March and April, we move on to district competitions, as well as (hopefully) the region championship and World Championship events. We compete against many other FIRST teams across our local area and throughout the world during the season, collaborating and learning from each other in the community as we go along.

FRC doesn’t stop there! We start the cycle over again with recruitment and outreach events in the spring and summer so that we can continue our successes into the fall & the next season.