Bridgewater District Recap

After competing at Mount Olive with an exciting Industrial Award win, The MidKnight Inventors competed in the Bridgewater District Event, hosted by Team 303, T.E.S.T. on March 17th and 18th. We were ranked 2nd during qualification matches, going on to become the second seeded alliance captain during alliance selections. During alliance selections, we joined Team 2950, Nemesis, the first seeded captain, and Team 6860, Equitum Robotics.

During playoffs, our alliance started off strong in the quarterfinals, advancing to semifinals and later to finals. After one loss and one win, our alliance unfortunately lost in the tie-breaker match. We would like to thank our alliance partners, Team 2590 and Team 6860 – we had a great time working with you!

The MidKnight Inventors, and our alliance partners, ended Bridgewater Districts as Finalists. We are thrilled about winning the Chairman’s Award and look forward to competing at the Regional Championships! The MidKnight Inventors would also like to congratulate our amazing and hardworking 2018 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Nominee, Mr. Brottman.