Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship Recap!

On April 5th – 8th, The MidKnight Inventors competed at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship at Lehigh University. Team 1923 qualified for the district championship after winning both the Montgomery and Mount Olive district events. After a rigorous 120 qualification matches, the Inventors ranked 8th and were thrilled to be alliance captains. During alliance selection, we invited Team 25 Raider Robotics and Team 75 RoboRaiders to join us and form the eighth seeded alliance. We were very fortunate to form an alliance with these two teams, who led us to victory at the Montgomery District Event the weekend prior.

Unfortunately, Team 1923 was knocked out after our second quarterfinal match by the first seeded alliance. We would like to thank our amazing alliance partners, Teams 25 and 75, who helped us put up some great playoff matches. The MidKnight Inventors would also like to congratulate Teams 2590, 1807, and 3929 who left the regional competition as champions.

Despite missing the win at the Regional Championship, The MidKnight Inventors did not walk away empty handed. Because we were able to accrue enough district points, we qualified for the World Championship in St. Louis!  Team 1923 is ecstatic to participate in the highest level of competition in FRC, and we can’t wait to take part in more FIRST Steamworks at the end of April.

Our driver, operator, pilot and human player eagerly wait in queue for the next qualification match.