FTC Tool Certifications

This Saturday marks the last session of tool certification for students on our two FTC teams, The MidKnight Magic (Team 9042) and The MidKnight Magic Too (Team 9927). FTC tool certification is a series of build sessions in which students are given a CAD drawing of a part and instructed by FRC student mentors in the construction of said part.

This year, students mounted polyethylene blocks with bearing holes onto a piece of Lexan; in the process, they learned how to use basic hand tools like rulers and deburrers as well as power tools like cordless drills, the drill press, jigsaw, and bandsaw. The students were also taught basic safety procedures to prevent accidents and injuries in our build site. The CAD drawings used in the exercise can be found in the ‘Resources’ section. We hope to repeat the success of these certifications with our FRC students and continue to incorporate hands-on sessions within MidKnight University (our introductory program for new students) in the fall.