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Montgomery District Recap: Entrepreneurship Award!

On April 9 & 10, The MidKnight Inventors competed at their second district, hosted at Montgomery High School. After hard-fought matches, we ended the weekend as Quarterfinalists. Many thanks to our partners, Team 1989: Viking Robotics from Vernon Township, NJ and Team 102: The Gearheads from Somerville, NJ.

We were also announced as the winners of the Entrepreneurship Award, which “celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of a team which, since its inception, has developed the framework for a comprehensive business plan in order to scope, manage, and attain team objectives and also displays entrepreneurial enthusiasm and the vital business skills for a self-sustaining program. The Entrepreneurship Award honors a team that is unique, enthusiastic and well organized, and one whose well-honed business skills will keep them operating successfully for years to come.”

Team 1923 poses with our Entrepreneurship Award at the Montgomery District!

Big congratulations go out to our business team; this is the first time The MidKnight Inventors have come home with this award!

Our next competition is the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Region Championship, hosted April 14-16 at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Mt. Olive District Recap: Chairman’s Award!

In the first competition of the 2016 Season, Team 1923 The MidKnight Inventors travelled to Flanders, New Jersey, and competed in the Mt. Olive District Event hosted by Team 11 MORT.

On the first day of competition, The MidKnight Inventors were able to seed second and managed to hold this position until alliance selection. In alliance selection, as Captain, The MidKnight Inventors invited Team 11 Mort and Team 3142 Aperture to join their alliance. We ended the elimination rounds as Quarterfinalists.

At the end of the event the MidKnight Inventors took home the most prestigious award that FIRST has to offer, the Chairman’s award. The Chairman’s award is an award which honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate, and best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST. This award qualifies us to the Mid-Atlantic Region Championship, held April 14-16 at Lehigh University.

Overall, the MidKnight Inventors had a very successful start to their 2016 Season and want to thank all the parents, mentors, and volunteers who made this possible! We compete next at the Montgomery District, April 8-10 at Montgomery High School.

The MidKnight Inventors pose together after winning the 2016 Mt. Olive District Chairman's Award!
The MidKnight Inventors pose together after winning the 2016 Mt. Olive District Chairman’s Award!

North Brunswick District Recap: Chairman’s Award!

The MidKnight Inventors had an impressive weekend at North Brunswick’s District Competition!

After some new robot modifications this week, MKI: X ended the qualification matches ranked at 15th and were drafted to the 5th alliance, captained by our friends at Powercord 869! (Fun fact: Powercord is also a United Therapeutics sponsored team!) Our second selection was the rookie team from STEMcivics Charter School, 5666 – Purple Lightning! They are familiar faces to us, since they spent quite a few weekends with us during the build season. The Power-MidKnight-Lightning Alliance had a fantastic set of matches, finishing as Semifinalists!

Our day, however, was not yet at an end. The MidKnight Inventors were recognized yet again for their outreach & education programs – this time with the Chairman’s Award! The Chairman’s Award is the most prestigious honor bestowed at FIRST events, and we are now eligible to compete at the Mid-Atlantic Region Championship, April 10-12 at Lehigh University.

We are so proud of all the efforts our students have put in – with over 6,000 hours in this season alone dedicated to FIRST team support, local & global outreach, and the constant push for community & school STEM support, MidKnight Inventors have certainly worked hard to earn this award.

If you would like to read our submission, you may do so here.